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Why Does Supreme Discos Not Offer Discounts?

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Unlike many other wedding DJ suppliers I am a solo operator. I’m not an agency so I don’t need to secure lots of gigs every week to keep my employees happy. I would much rather do 1 or 2 events exceptionally well and put all my effort and concentration into those. This level of customised service, with personal meetings to discuss every aspect of your day and being available to answer any and every question you might need to ask, is only available at a price.

But other DJs Agents offer discounts

Well, yes they do, but perhaps they are looking to fill their diaries. I’m busy enough at my prices so why should I reduce them? I can only be in one place at a time!

Other suppliers will often use a low price to draw you in to a discussion and then attempt to sell you a much more expensive package including many extras. I don’t deal in lots of extras. I’m a DJ, a wedding, corporate host, and I don’t want to get involved with dancefloor rental, or photobooths, candy carts, candy floss, love letters, etc. I would rather stay with what I excel at! I can help if you need the extras I know lots of suppliers.

Why do you not show your prices?

Every event is different and unique . I can’t give you a quote without speaking to you. I need to know lots of things about your event. It’s really important that we actually get along (it’s a very long day if we don’t like each other) and I understand what you require and you know exactly what I can provide.

I’m happy to give you a rough idea so if that rules you out based on budget that’s fine but if we don’t speak then you will never know what you could be getting for your money.

So your prices vary?

Yes! It’s supply and demand just like flights or holidays! i’m busier on Saturdays in summer so it’s more expensive. Like the rest of your suppliers I can be cheaper midweek and out of season. Other factors include: travel (distance and time), suitable equipment to match your room and number of guests, duration of event.

Get in touch for more details!


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