School Proms

Love it or hate it, the School Prom, has made the trip from across ‘the pond’ and has rapidly grown in popularity, so much so, that it is now cemented into teenage popular culture here in the UK. The school prom is an attractive addition to the school calendar for many head teachers because it provides a ‘reward’ for all the hard working students who have got through their exams and are ready to face the next phase in their lives.

Your Party Starts right here
Supreme Discos is very diverse and has performed at many high profile school proms over the years. " Eatham School , St Mathu Academy are 2 to mention " We have the right disco package to match your budget from basic disco set ups to fall blown laser and moving head light shows. Our prices vary depending on the size of the show, the length of the event and the distance we need to travel.
We can further personalise your event by the addition of extras such as… Mood up lighting, Laser lighting, Led dance floors photo paparazzi. to photo booths etc.

Benefits Of A Professional (Not Cheap) Prom DJ.
Music is very personal to teenagers. Having a DJ who knows how to identify what’s not only popular, but ‘works’ is crucial. Professionals know how to read a crowd. If song “A” worked, they know that song “B” and “C” will also work. Live testing of genres to dial in on what makes the most sense for your Prom is something that only comes with experience.

A professional Prom DJ is comfortable on the microphone. He also knows how not to overdo it. They students don’t want to listen to the DJ, they want to dance with their friends. Making the important announcements with confidence, and backing off, is the way to go. I’m not saying you want the most expensive DJ you can find, but if your Prom DJ is asking for anything under£300 for Prom, I recommend you keep looking. Would you eat a £2 steak? Why not? Cause something *has* to be wrong with it! Nobody can put the time, effort, equipment, music research, and practice into a career paying any less. Exceptions to this being either a DJ who isn’t charging enough to stay in the business very long, or someone who’s using your event as practice to get a few Proms under his belt.

Keeping Them At The Prom
Besides all the fun you want the DJ to bring to the party, it’s very important to consider the safety of keeping the students at Prom. Students who leave Prom may no longer be supervised, and all of their parents assume they are at Prom. A poorly performing DJ will send students home hours early, which is bad for so many reasons. School Proms – The Music Its absolutely essential that your DJ for your School Prom party is in touch with the latest tunes, as well as having the knowledge of music from days gone by. A music conoser !
You don’t have to be worried about the music, all genres are covered. in particular R&B Garage House Old School etc. If you would like to send a playlist in advance that’s fine too and of course we can take requests on the night from your guests.!" . With over 750,000 tracks at my disposal, pretty much all the bases are covered! Together with vast music knowledge, I possess excellent music mixing skills, so there’s no long pauses between tunes and no constant banal banter over the microphone. so when I need to be heard, I will be!

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