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Childrens Parties

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Children’s Parties
CRB cleared and all the legally required documentation to say we are perfectly normal, we`ve never been caught being bad and are safe to be with your children . Looking for something special for someone`s birthday party? Our disco packages means the birthday boy/girl can have as little or as much control over the music and light show as he/she would like.

Kids Parties What They Get:

Details of various party plans for different age groups are below: DJs are available Sunday to Thursday day time and evening. Fridays and Saturdays between 10,00am to 4.30pm . All Children`s parties are for a maximum of 2hrs. only

4 to 8 year olds Birthdays ( Small Disco Show )
Musical parties for this age group are very successful. Children’s musical sing alone combined with a healthy  assortment of party games, bubbles if applicable  lights (and a bit of comical comparing ) are just the ticket when attempting to keep both children & parents amused.

We  usually encourage the hirer to give us as much information regarding there party, as to how many children.
The volume is not too loud and the lights are not too dazzling.

Games for the 4 to 8 year olds can include PASS THE PARCEL (parcels to be provided by the parents),  DANCING & PRANCING (where parents & kids can dance together) and general jumping up & down, waving your hands in the air and squishing and catching the bubbles.

A 2 hour party would have a 20 minute tea break around the half way mark. During this time the  music will be turned down to a background volume and any disco lights & bubbles will be turned off. Once the  area has been cleared of any food & drink, the party can start again. We have had great success entertaining at this type of party, as children of this age have a very limited  attention span and therefore need to be kept active & busy. A tired child is generally well behaved

Kids Party`s 8 to 11
An “AMAZING” Disco Party that impresses kids beyond compare! During a 2 hour party, kids are subjected to exhausting aerobic activity whilst dancing, singing and taking part in some of the craziest competitions that they’ve ever seen. All Disco’s come with a top Disco set up, a light show, plus bubbles, smoke  if applicable and the best kids music in the charts.

Hi Energy Dance  Music , Screaming Contests, Mystery Twister, Bendy  Musical Bumps & Statues , Boogie, Back to Back ,  Copy Dat are just the beginning.
Every time I do a game (nobody is ever out), I pick 3 or 4 winners (at mixed parties I always pick boys & girls evenly). The winners of the game are brought
forward, stood on a chair and then interviewed on the Microphone (just like Pop Stars).

Each winner receives a prize, then, I give away a prize to the boy (or girl) in the crowd that claps & screams the loudest for each winner.
Once the first few kids have been interviewed by the DJ. they’re hooked. All everybody wants to do now is to be the next winner (at any cost).
Just imagine: Who can do the freakiest dance, the boys or the girls? Who can make the most noise? Who’s got the fastest footwork? Who can burst, catch or kiss the most bubbles.?

By the time its tea break time they haven’t even got the energy to TALK. Once the party has re-started we go over all the new routines and funny bits that I have taught them while we party & disco dance. At the end of the party, when the parents are waiting patiently, we display everything the kids have learned,  (bubbles & lights on full blast).  By the time the Party is over, the Birthday person is the envy of all her friends while all the other  parents can only watch In amazement

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