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Theme Nights – Just 70`s or 80`s music all night long. Picture this you Crazy Funkers!………DJ Mr Cool Just Mr is your cool but cheesy Retro disc jockey who has travelled here on his magical funky time machine from 1970`s and has landed right smack bang in the middle of your party!! Nice!!!!!
Easily 6′ 11" tall in his platforms, 70s hairstyles and dressed in authentic 70’s DJ duds. Your party is sure to be a raving nightmare er I mean success. Smooth!!!! This is the party to top all parties. One for everyone who’s 35 40ish and up!! Or simply for anyone who loves the 70 & 80`s music!!!!

By booking a Professional corporate DJs. You will have the confidence and piece of mind knowing that your evening will be a success. We will have you all up on the dance floor by playing the disco classics from the 70`s Glam disco and the rear groove new romance back to school of the 80`s.

Remember the great times we all had in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Well they’re all here as part of our RETRO REWIND Party be it from the 60`s 70`s 80`s . Everything from the Beatles, James Brown, Aretha Abba, The Bee Gee`s, The Jackson five, Michael Jackson, Tavares, Rolls Royce, Oddicye , Barry White, Billy Ocean, Donna Summers, Slade, Sweet, Mud, T.Rex, Susie Quattro, Garry Glitter, Alvin Stardust, The Rubets, and much much more from the 70`s!! to Cool & The Gang, Earth Wing & Fire, Imagination, Alexander O`Neil, Luther Vandross, Chaka Khan, Jocelyn Brown, Wham, Madonna, Aha, Erasure, Duran Duran, Japan, Culture Club, Proclaimers, Human League, David Bowie, Queen, Bon jour Bryan Adam’s, AC DC. White Snake, Of The 80`s. And all the cheese party tracks imaginable Glam and Disco with a bit of Rock and Pop through to New Romantic, Frankie and Wham with Soul and Funk and the like!! at Simply an insane mixture of great music to get you on your feet.

So if you would like a Night to Remember and would like to get down on a Saturday Night, if you Cant Stop Till You Get Enough and would like to Get Down And Boogie Tel our bookings hot line for more information and our availability For a firm quotation for Simply The Best Supersonic 70`s & 80`s Theme Disco Night Ever

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