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Who Should You Listen To When Booking a Recommended DJ?

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Just a thought I had this weekend, most people who book a wedding DJ suggested by the venue speak to the same person they booked their wedding day with. This is usually the 9-5 Mon-Fri salesperson! You really should speak to the staff who work on the day or the night of a wedding!

I have worked with many of the wedding event managers and they ALWAYS speak very highly of my services, whether it be my all day wedding hosting, intelligent lighting or my skills as a wedding DJ. These are not the people you ever get to speak to.

To prove my point I have recently tried to be accepted at local wedding venues where the staff really appreciate me “the best we ever have here” and “why are you not here every week?” but I haven’t even been able to do their wedding fairs or be on their preferred suppliers lists.

Obviously I enquired about this but the salespeople have a relationship with the same DJs they have always used as they have never seen me in action.

Just a thought! Think about who’s advice you are taking!

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