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What Makes Wedding DJs Different?

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You get lots of types of DJs; Club DJs, Kids Party DJs, Karaoke DJs, Rock DJs, RnB DJs, Old Skool DJs…. Would you book any of them for your wedding? You might if you wanted a very specific evening but in general, no! They don’t specialise in what you are looking for – despite the fact that they could all be fantastic DJs!

For a full-time professional wedding DJ, experience, training, microphone technique, attire, equipment, presentation and most importantly, service, should all be exceptional.

Before I started my own wedding entertainment company,

I was a professional musician where I performed with the likes of Bill Hayley Chuck berry Shawaddywaddy Depeche Mode, as well as toured Europe as well as having many park time jobs to make ends meet worked part-time for other wedding DJs agencies. I was also doing the usual round of pubs and clubs residencies, birthdays, anniversaries holiday camps etc!

I decided to become a full-time corporate wedding DJ because I realised that I’d NEVER seen a good one!

What do you do when you want to get better at something? I learned! I spoke to some of the best guys in the business , I invested in improving my own show. Not just in better equipment (toys as my mum then wife likes to call them) but in the real tools of my trade MYSELF! I now specialise in making each occasion unique and personal. There is so much more that a wedding DJ can do for you than just turn up and play a few tunes!

Some of the great DJs

I have learned from have the ability to make you howl with laughter or cry tears of joy. This ability to create moments of incredible emotion don’t occur by accident, it’s a tremendous amount of hard work, preparation and dedication. Each event takes, on average, 30 hours of preparation with a mixture of emails, Skype, phone calls and face to face meetings. If you’re not getting this then you’re not getting the same level of service.

If you want a wedding with real emotion, a DJ who cares about the success of your event, someone who will always try to overachieve and deliver more than they promise then please drop me a line.

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