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Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ

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When you’re hiring a DJ for your wedding, you need to know what to ask them so you get the service you need. It’s important that you’re confident in your choice of entertainment as the wrong person can really make the difference between a successful event and a flop. Here are some questions to get you off on the right foot.

Do you provide a contract?
Every professional DJ should offer a contract to protect both themselves and their customers. It should state their terms and conditions (read these carefully!) and also have an address for their business. Many businesses no longer give out landline numbers as using these online results in hundreds of cold calls but after initial contact they should be able to provide this.

Will you be my DJ?
Lots of agencies and DJ companies provide several different DJs of varying experience and skills. Make sure you ask these questions of the person who will actually be at your party!

How many weddings have you DJ’d?
Your event is the most important occasion and you want it to go off without a hitch, so finding out how long your DJ has been in the business for is a good question to ask. You want to pick someone with experience of weddings. A good club DJ does not necessarily make a good wedding DJ and your special day is not the time or place for an amateur! Having performed at well over 5500 corporate wedding & private functions makes DJ Robbie Edwards a very Experienced DJ

How do you motivate people to dance?
It’s not enough to have someone who can play great music – if no one’s dancing, the party just ain’t hopping. Find out what they can do to encourage people to get on the dance floor. Some use the mic, others have different techniques! Make sure you like what they suggest!

What if there is a problem?
Emergencies can and do arise so make sure your DJ has a back-up plan in place in case there are problems. A professional will have back-ups of every piece of kit in case of any problem and should have a strong network of other DJs who can stand in and provide a similar level of service.

Can you provide testimonials or references?
Most DJs will have testimonials and references – if it’s on social media try and message them and ask them directly how their party was. Would they book the same person again?

Have you got the right paperwork for our venue
Most venues need PLI and PAT certificates – without them they won’t allow your DJ to enter!

What will you wear?
Your DJ should fit in with your overall look. You don’t want someone in a shell suit and a beenie hat! (And YES I have seen it!)

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