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How to Ensure a Busy Dancefloor

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Here are some ideas from Supreme Discos Robbie Edwards Corporate & Wedding DJ about how best to keep your dancefloor alive.

1. Don’t be tempted to hire a massive white dancefloor or Big Love Letters ! A white floor love letters looks great on your arrival and early evening pictures but it can be daunting for people to get up and being too bright can cause a lack of atmosphere. Even if there are lots of people up dancing, when the dance floor is too big, the space can look empty. A packed floor feels more like a party, and you’ll encourage more people to get up when the dance floor is full of energy.

2. Your DJ should follow any set pieces (formal dances, break for buffet etc) with classic tunes that everyone knows and that will get people in the mood. You might love the idea of playing one of your favourite tracks but if you want people to dance it will be better to go with something popular! Another good idea is to get your DJ to invite both your mums & dads plus other couples onto the dance floor half way through your first dance. That way they’re likely to stay when the party really gets going.

3. Don’t start too early. Have a rest and allow food to go down and people to have a few more drinks and catch up with friends and family! I’d definitely suggest waiting at least an hour before starting the first dance, and then go from there. ideal start time is 8.30pm this give`s your evening guests time to arrive.

4. Play something for everyone there – that means suiting all age groups. A good wedding DJ should try play tunes from lots of genres, appealing to grandparents, parents, friends and children. It’s about keeping everyone entertained, and playing something that all ages know and enjoy. You and your friends may well love UK Garage or Drum n’ Bass but if it gives your other guests a headache they will make their excuses and leave!

5. Lighting is crucial! Make sure the venue can dim their lights but you definitely don’t want it too dark either. Your wedding DJ should be able to create the right atmosphere with classy colour fall & moving lights and a few up-lighters to give the room and the dancefloor some ambience. For a wedding less is often more and you really don’t need a lot of cheap fixtures that produce random dots – better to have a few lights well-controlled.

6. Check if there’s a sound limiter. Some venues have limiters which cut out the music completely if it gets too loud. More sensitive limiters can really put a dampener on the night when you can hear your guests chattering louder than the music (trust me, it happens a lot). It’s not only music that sets these off but an enthusiastic crowd will too so if you’re having a lively party try to check if your venue has a limiter before you book. It’s too late after you have signed when you find that a DJ can play at barely above background level!

7. This one can be a little tougher – please try to keep the bar and other entertainment in the same room as the dance floor. People start to loosen up once they’ve had a few Proseccos, so when the bar is close to the dance floor you’re on to a winner. If the bar is in a separate room, you’re going to lose your thirsty dancers and it’s sometimes difficult to drag people back. In fact often lots of male guests will stand by the bar and not be seen all night! Nothing kills atmosphere like a party being in 4 different places!

8. No interruptions once the party’s started. Pausing to cut the cake, make a toast, or getting everyone outside for a group photo or fireworks etc will empty the dancefloor and it can be tricky to get everyone back into the flow. Try to get everything done before the dancing starts, letting the party build, so the floor stays packed until the very end. There may well be a lull during buffet but good choice of music will probably keep a few people dancing!

9. Have faith in your DJ. It’s very helpful to give your DJ an idea of the songs you love and those that you really don’t want, but try not to turn your DJ into a human jukebox. Trust their judgement and experience, after all they are the professional and that’s why you booked them! Allow them them to change up the tunes as needed, not just stick with your pre-arranged list. I’m definitely not a fan of the cheese, but once people have had a few they’re probably asking for the Macarena or YMCA ! It does no harm unless the whole night is an awful cheese-fest!

10. Get on the floor yourselves. People always want to be near the bride and groom at a wedding, so the best way to fill up your dance floor is to dance. Don’t spend the entire night making the rounds and chatting to every single person in the room – Get on the floor, and your friends and family won’t be able to resist joining you for a boogie.

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